The spirited musician and multi-instrumentalist Peter Broderick returns with a surprising release of totally different proportions. ONE HEAR NOW is a response to a series of colourful murals called One Here Now: The Ogham Cycle, by the celebrated Irish artist Brian O’Doherty (who also goes by the name of Patrick Ireland).

ONE HEAR HOW is a modular composition in 11 parts, composed for violin, piano, synthesiser, voice, percussion and field recordings. Strikingly different compared to much of Broderick’s other musical output in both approach and outcome, Peter spent a marathon 16 hours alone in the Sirius Arts Centre in Cobh, making a definitive recording of the composition surrounded by O’Doherty’s (restored) murals.

Approaching the geometrical and systematic nature of the artwork, Broderick devised a system in which the paintings could become a visual score. Different colours were assigned to different notes, certain visual elements were assigned to particular instruments, and then the work was carried out to turn the murals into a piece of music. In addition to incorporating field recordings from the location into the piece, Broderick utilised the acoustic space of the empty gallery room, with its austere reverberation, allowing the timbre of the room to become an instrument in itself.

The resulting music is luminous, where sparse notes resonate and swell into rich enveloping textures.

Peter Broderick will perform the composition in full, with support from Toby Hay.

Doors: 5pm, Start: 5.30pm

Online ticket sales for this event are closed.

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