Emergency Turtle is a new company that combines storytelling, shadow puppets and multi-instrumental live music. You are invited to come on some journeys with us… Let us take you through ancient landscapes and hidden worlds with masterful music and storytelling and awe-inspiring shadow theatre.

When the giant Plynlimon’s heart breaks in two the most unexpected thing happens. Three daughters are born. Follow the daughters as they travel on their own unique and exciting journeys through land, sea and sky where they meet unusual characters and hear a few stories along the way!

Told by Kama Roberts, this is a heart-stopping collection of tales from near and far. These unique stories deal with the common language of the human experience- of jealousy, of misunderstandings, of grief, of joy and compassion.

Multi-instrumentalist Jim Elliott weaves, loops and layers mesmerising melodies with compassion and sensitivity to the tales. He has spent his life working in music either in a community context or working with bands with varying levels of commercial success.

James Jones-Morris is an animator and shadow puppet artist extraordinaire. He has created animations for Wildworks Theatre Company at Kensington Palace and has been commissioned to create several music videos across Europe. His work has a mesmerising innocence. He has intuitively captured the stories with magic and heart in this production. Prepare to gasp at his paper cut creations.

Doors 4pm, Performance will start at 4.30pm.

“I forgot that Kama was even telling the story… I was lost inside her tales and the stunning shadows” – Audience member

“It was great to perform alongside Kama. Amazing work – fantastic stories told with passion and detail.” – Milly Jackdaw

“You were a winning combination. Perfectly matched and captivating to look at whilst hearing the stories. I hope you do more and definitely love to book you again” – Venue on ‘A box of light and dreams’

“Kama Roberts brings all the skills of her drama training and theatre experience into her storytelling and combines it with wit and rigour to make the stories of her native Radnorshire burst into life” – Michael Harvey

“Kama’s stories from Radnorshire were mesmerising” – David Ambrose, Artistic Director of Beyond the Border International storytelling festival.

Online ticket sales for this event are closed.

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